Please note that the Great Hills Homeowners Association only includes Sections 9 and 10.

Please check here to see if your home is in this homeowners association.

Election results!

Congratulations to the new officers and board members!

Jason Meeker, president.
Preston Broadfoot, vice president.
Armin Gutzmer, treasurer.
Ken Nordhauser, assistant treasurer.
Thomas Cameron, board member.
Fred Thoum, board member.
We also elected an additional board member, safety council members and architecture review committee members, they will be posted soon!

Upcoming meeting!

Dear Friends and Neighbors in the Great Hills Homeowners Association:

We will be holding a follow-up Annual Meeting on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, at 7:00 p.m. at Triumphant Love Lutheran Church.

Unfortunately, we did not have quorum at the last meeting on March 7th and were unable to conduct official business. Please help support the HOA and plan to attend if you are available. We sent an invite for the first meeting via email only; so, please update your email addresses with us if you have not in a while. It is an added expense for the HOA to send printed notifications.

Here are the agenda items:

- Welcome and Introductions
- Past Minutes
- Financial Report
- Architectural Review Committee Report
- Old Business
- New Business
- Election of Board members
- Elections for new officers

Volunteers are needed for Officers, Board Members and Chair, Architectural Review Committee. Vacant positions may be seen here. We need homeowners to step up, please. The HOA must be able to rely on homeowners to volunteer for these positions every year.

If you have questions about a particular office, please send an email to info@ghhassociation.org, and the Board or Officers will answer your inquiries.

As for adding nominations, once a name for an office is submitted—and that person accepts the nomination—that name will be posted on the site.

Please find the agenda and other details on our website.

Please feel free to call, text, or email me, if you have any questions.


Preston Broadfoot, President
Great Hills Homeowners Association

Thinking about building something, painting your house, adding a shed or any other major change?

Step One: Contact the Architectural Review Committee.

Contact the Architectural Review Committee at 919-673-4130 or by email: acc@ghhassociation.org, or click here for more information.

Our HOA’s Restrictive Covenants & Bylaws were updated and approved in Jan. 2020.

For more than a year, votes were sought and collected from homeowners via email, direct mail and door-to-door canvassing. With a 67% approval, the new HOA Restrictive Convenants and Bylaws were approved on January 21, 2020.

The vote was 198 Approve, 7 Do Not Approve and 3 Abstain.

Click here to download the New HOA Restrictive Covenants & Bylaws documents.

Click here to download the Updated HOA Rules.